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Boatigo is a FREE online community for recreational boating and fishing enthusiasts to connect, communicate and organise trips.

How Boatigo works for Skippers.

1. Show your vessel

Add your boat for free on Boatigo so Crew can see it. When you know you're heading out on the water simply add your availabilty.

2. Have a great trip

Connect and communicate with Crew and meet them on the day to enjoy a great boating experience!

3. Review the Crew

Help keep the community honest by reviewing your Crew. Help other Skippers know the Crew that are great.

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How Boatigo works for Crew.

1. Browse and request

Start by searching for a location. Once you find a boat you like, simply check the availability and request to join the trip.

2. Have a great trip

Connect and communicate with Skippers and meet yours on the chosen date to enjoy a great day out on the water!

3. Review the Skipper

If you enjoyed the experience, let others know by reviewing your boat Skipper. Help others know where to go.

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